Sunday, 3 April 2016

Time keeps on slipping..slipping slipping…

Greetings to you all from my warm fluffy cushion here in Howick, Auckland, New Zealand. Today for me has been a lovely lazy day as I sleep on my cushion on my couch, keeping an eye on things and making sure Alfa behaves herself….Ya Right!!

This week has been a pretty busy week, even though it was a shortened week due to the Easter Break. More instruments keep coming in for their service check-ups and general repairs. Many instruments from Brass Bands are arriving in, due for a service as the annual Brass Band Festival is coming up in July and bands are now in full swing, getting ready to compete!!! Daddy is playing tuba with the Howick Brass Band which is a C Grade Band. This makes daddy very happy. Another thing that keeps daddy happy is shipments from Japan, Italy or the USA. This week many saxophone pads arrived in from Italy. At DR TOOT, we use only the best quality of pads for all types of flutes, clarinets and saxophones. Because we have been doing so many saxophone work, we have been constantly ordering many pads to keep Shoko and daddy busy. Shoko has been very busy with her woodwind repairs and daddy has been concentrating more on the brass repairs. Like magic we see horrible dents from bell flairs and bodies, disappear. I am so proud of my daddy.

Regarding sales, we have ordered for a band, a Stomvi Brass Band Edition, Eb Cornet in copper finish. This will be exciting to see. Many, many accessories have been sold and have found new homes all around New Zealand. On Thursday, marked the end of our current financial year. I am not good with numbers, but I believe its been a busy year. I do feel sorry for mummy as she seems to be living in her office. She is stock taking and working so very hard with her paperwork. Daddy knows to stay away from the office…..

Today is a little different. Us cats don’t have watches, but we are pretty good with time. Breakfast and dinner seem to be a little later than usual. I am told that this is because Daylight Saving has finished and you humans have set your clocks back an hour. Alfa especially has noticed this problem and has been very hungry all day. So today….Time keeps on slipping…slipping…slipping…backwards.