Sunday, 6 March 2016

Indoor door stop. Outdoor escaper !

Everybody knows me as a kind, loving and caring cat.  Daddy has been out again a bit this week, so I give all my attention for him when he is here. He sits down on the couch in the same place each time and I am always there to sit on his lap and show him that I love him. The trouble comes, when he leaves the couch and I keep the spot warm and keep the place away from Alfa. Alfa sometimes comes on the couch, but her place is usually on the floor near the door. Her new nick name is ‘Door Stop’. This is a good name for her as she now feels she has a purpose in life….as a door stop!!

It’s been another great week at DR TOOT – Thank you, all customers. This week from France, came a beautiful new Selmer Paris Series II Alto Sax for sale. As always, the Selmer saxophones look and sound so beautiful. It truly is art and music in the shape of a saxophone. Also earlier this we saw the arrival of two more instruments for stock from Japan. These included a lovely Yamaha YCL450 wooden clarinet, and for the first time for DR TOOT, a mint condition, Yamaha 4 valved Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet in a silver-plated finish. It comes in a tiny case and at first I thought it was a toy…..but no…it’s a real top quality professional trumpet.

In sales wise, this week too has been pretty busy. The week started off a bit slow, but made up for itself late in the week. On Thursday, a Yamaha trombone found a new home with a regular customer of ours in Hamilton, and also on Thursday, our Yanagisawa Tenor sax T900 has found a new home with a new customer of ours, through Trade Me here in Auckland. Our stunning Sankyo solid silver flute has found a new home in the beautiful city of Taupo. The new owner’s teacher picked it up from us yesterday and will personally deliver it to her today. She will be so excited. Then, a Yamaha tenor sax YTS475 has found a new home in Gisborne today. She will be leaving us tomorrow to the new owner. As usual, many reeds and accessories have been flying out the door to new places all around New Zealand.

Mummy has been busy as always taking orders from our online shopping or answering the phone, which has been very busy this week. Shoko too has been very busy working on a full Platinum Service on a very old Buescher Alto Sax. Wow it looks amazing! Daddy has been busy too with many brass instruments and as always looking busy. I love my daddy J

Well it’s time for a little sleep. I am not getting old. I am just saving my energy. Looking after Alfa is a full time job. She is very sneaky and leaves the house when windows are not closed properly. Naughty Alfa. You are an indoor cat. Get over it!!!