Sunday, 17 April 2016

Happy 7 years Blog Anniversary !

Zara (Z): It’s my turn for the blog, but it’s an anniversary issue….so, I let Alfa to join me today. I am so kind J
Alfa (A): Hello everyone ! Yes, it’s been 7 years since the blog has started, and it’s been 4 years for me since I’ve joined the blog. Times fly…so fast !
Z: That’s true…It’s the 9th year for DR TOOT this year and we will be cerebrating the 10th next year ! Wow, we survive J
A: We had another busy week here and you had a very good week for sale, Zara !
Z: Yes, a pre-loved Yanagisawa soprano sax S901 arrived safely early this week – it was a special order from one of our customers in Nelson. Shoko serviced it and left for Nelson on Thursday. The customer should be receiving it tomorrow.
A: Then, a gentleman visited us to try a pre-loved Yamaha Custom YAS82Z the other day. He went to home with the saxophone happily.
Z: Two big parcels arrived from Japan and France. Two instruments from Japan – Yamaha flute 311 and alto sax YAS275. The parcel from France was a brand new latest Seles Prologue ebony clarinet ! Mummy took some photos and it’s been listed on our website – it looks gorgeous like me J
A: No, no….it has a black body and silver plated, it’s more like me JJJ
Z: Mmmmmm……
A: And…a big news !
Z: Wait, let me speak….Yes, DR TOOT is now the agent for Stomvi !!! Stomvi is a Spanish company and they produce high quality cornets, trumpets, trombones, French horns….etc. in Valencia, Spain.
A: Wow….French Selmer and now Spanish Stomvi J
Z: Yes, that’s a very good news for us and I am happy for mummy and daddy J
A: It’s getting cold for sure and it wasn’t nice weather here, Auckland today. Zara, you stayed inside all day.
Z: Yep, I didn’t want to go outside at all…yucky yucky weather !
A: Even though, we had customers today – a father and daughter team came all way from Thames ! Sorry, but we didn’t move…
Z: Yeah….we stayed on our blankies…J anyway, we heard the sound and we thought that she made a really nice sound ! She’s been learning for only a year…she really liked the Yamaha alto sax YAS62 with 62 Neck, so she has left with the saxophone.
A: Without daddy, mummy was busy J
Z: Daddy has gone to NZ Pops orchestra rehearsal and concert this afternoon…we cannot be there, but we always think of him….meow !!!
A: Then, mummy received a phone call this afternoon. One of our customers saw a pre-loved Yamaha flute 311 on our website and she wanted to come here to try…after maybe 20 minutes later, she arrived with her mother.
Z: The daughter tried the flute and she couldn’t believe it was a secondhand. She was so happy and they left with the flute J
A: Fuuuurrrrbulous J The school holiday has started, so I guess another busy week will be ahead of us.
A & Z: Happy holiday and Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT! Thank you for readingJ