Monday, 25 April 2016

Lest we forget by Alfa

It was Anzac Day today. Daddy got up very early morning…was not only early…Very Early ! He left home just after 4.00am to play tuba with Howick Brass Band for Anzac early morning service. Lots of people turned up to listen to the band plays.

Another busy week has gone…School holiday has started and lots of instruments have arrived for repairs and services.  Zara and I talked about Stomvi in the last blog, and a Stomvi Eb cornet brass band edition, which was a special order by Howick Brass Band, has arrived from Valencia, Spain directly. Daddy was so excited to see the brand new gorgeous cornet !

Two pre-loved saxophones have found new home in Auckland - brand new Selmer Series ll Jubilee alto sax and pre-loved Yanagisawa 992 alto sax with a pink gold underslung neck. Selmer went to the new owner who is a serious player/student, who came here last Sunday with her mother to try saxophones. Yanagisawa A992 was purchased by a gentle man, who sold his alto sax about six months ago and wanted to play alto sax again.  We are really happy to see customers are satisfied….yes, Alfa speaking J

So, mummy is busy finding more pre-loved saxophones and also working on a new website. Yes, our new website is on the way….ummm, exciting !!!

Daddy came back from Sunset Ceremony….It was a long day for daddy.  The sunset ceremony was very special. Last year, only a few people came to listen, but this year there we over 60 people and they were happy to hear the band play a few numbers. Everything is done and daddy is at home, relaxed and thinking of the new week to come. It’s still school holidays and there is so much to be done. My work never ever seems to be done. Zara is very bossy and I do my best J

Time to go now. It’s a full moon out and you know that that makes us cats go a little crazy. I am fine…I am Princess Alfa. I worry about…….you know… J