Sunday, 10 April 2016

Zara's lonely nights

We had another pretty busy week here at DR TOOT…yes, because my turn for blog, a few pre-loved instruments have found their new home J

On Monday, daddy had a phone call from a gentleman. He was interested in one of our pre-loved tenor saxes, which arrived in just recently. The Yamaha YTS475 nearly new condition left for Upper Hutt next day ! The customer is really thrilled with the saxophone and he sent a lovely email to mummy and daddy.

The same day, we received lots of clarinets pads from Italy, which Shoko was waiting for. She re-padded three clarinets – Yamaha, Noblet and Buffet wooden clarinets. The Yamaha one is for sale. Mummy will take photos and list it on our website soon !

On Thursday, a couple visited DR TOOT and the gentleman in 60s wanted to purchase one of our pre-loved Yamaha alto saxophones. He wants to learn how to play a sax. He was very committed and left with his wife and the YAS34 J He seems to be coming back to see daddy for a few lessons later !

Two Yamaha flutes have found their new home in Auckland too ! One of them was that just arrived this week, near new condition YFL311. It was a surprise present from mother to daughter !

Then, a Bach Stradivarius trumpet arrived for a special order from our customer who purchase a clarinet before. Mummy managed to find the top mint condition trumpet, and the customer was really pleased with it. If you are looking for something, please let mummy and daddy know what you are looking for with your budget, then they will try to find one for you J

Well, daddy seems that he had a busy night out this week…rehearsals, meeting and dinner. Of course, Zara wasn’t impressed this situation as she had to spend lonely nights….oh dear. Let’s see what a new week will bring to us J