Sunday, 1 May 2016

Warm blankey…Life is good.

Life is good for me. My day times seem to start and finish on my black blanket at the end of the couch. One day turns into another and I do love an autumn slumber. At times I let Alfa just up and join me on my blanket so to give her the feeling that she could be important. She stays usually on the floor in a cat bed. Oh so very common….

Well it’s been an interesting short week. Monday was ANZAC Day and Daddy was busy playing with the Howick Brass Band. A short week and the last week of the school holidays and many last minute repairs have come in. Every holiday time we advise the humans to get their instruments in for servicing and every time they come in, but many at the last minute!! Some humans are impossible to train. The main thing is, is that all work is up to date and our customers are very happy. I have to spend extra time in the repair shop to make sure everything gets out on time. Alfa of course stays in the office…sleeping. She is just a baby and I mustn’t expect too much.

This week an amazing Yamaha cornet arrived from Japan. It was nearly new and looked so beautiful. This cornet didn’t hang around too long as it was sold within minutes to our local Brass Band, which our Daddy plays tuba for. Although we only had one major sale this week, we also had many accessories sold. Mummy has been very, very busy in the office packing and sending out these orders. She is also very busy designing and working on our new website which will be launched sometime later this month. Watch this space. I am sure Alfa too will have a bit to say about the up and coming website. Maybe more pictures of me….maybe..

Two instruments arrived in from Japan this week. One is a Yamaha YTS475 Tenor Sax, which looks almost new and a YAS 34II Yamaha Alto Sax which too, looks fantastic. Both of these are being serviced and will be ready for sale shortly. 

Today is May 1st. In this part of the world the days are getting shorter and a little cooler. Daddy has a friend in Canada called Douglas and he has two beautiful cats, Douglas and his two cats read our blog and love the witty and intelligent comments I make. In Canada, the days are getting longer and warmer. Maybe I will get and invite to stay with them while it is cold here and warm there. It will be hard for Alfa if I am not around though. Let's see….