Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother’s Day by Alfa !

Yes, it was a Mother’s Day today - Have you cerebrate it with your mother ? We did J We asked daddy to take mummy for a nice breakfast this morning for us. So, they went to the French Market in Parnell. It seems that they had a lovely morning. Mummy’s mother is in Japan and she has organized something for her. Daddy’s mother has passed away…so, he celebrated with us for mummy J BTW, Zara thinks daddy is her mummy….meow !!!

Another busy week has gone…for sale, it was a bit quiet but it was busy for repairs. Lots of instruments have arrived including a pair of A & Bb clarinet, Selmer Paris Series lll Dragon Bird soprano sax. On Friday, Selmer Artist, Michael Jamieson popped in and his Selmer Reference alto sax and tenor sax were checked by Shoko and daddy – It’s always good to see him J

On Tuesday, customers came in and they were looking for an alto saxophone for their son. Daddy showed them two of our pre-loved Yamaha saxophones, and they liked one of them, which was a YAS34ll – it arrived a few days ago, and Shoko serviced it the other day and mummy was going to take photos of it. It didn’t stay here for long ! Then, another pre-loved instrument, Yamaha French Horn seems to have found a new home – it will be leaving here soon to one of schools in Auckland.

It truly is autumn here now. It’s been a little chilly in the mornings and nights. Zara has been cuddling up to me on our blankey. She says that it is to keep me warm, but I think it is because she loves me…and keeps her warm.  Zara is sort of like my sister and mummy. Because she is MUCH older than me, she likes to clean me and look after me J It’s true that Zara thinks daddy is her daddy and mummy. I know who my real mummy is….IT’S MUMMY!!!  JJJ