Sunday, 15 May 2016

Not Old…Just Sleepy

The cooler air makes you sleepy. This has nothing to do with how young I am. Alfa has been saying to me this week that I sleep too much. Sometimes I sleep so that I don’t have to talk to her. We have our breakfast at about 6am. Before breakfast I go outside for my usual morning stroll as I hate using Alfa’s POO BOX. After my short adventure I come in and enjoy my fishy breakfast and afterwards take another stroll outside. When I return I hop onto the couch and my warm black Blankie and rest till about lunchtime. I enjoy my rest and it takes all my energy to stay away from…you know who. My beauty sleep is for energy and has nothing to do with how young I am. I wish to say nothing more on this.

Well its been another busy week at the House of Toot. The week started off with a sale of a Yamaha YAS275 Alto sax. This saxophone had just been listed a couple of weeks and has found a new home locally. The next instrument to find a new home was a Yamaha YCL350 Clarinet. We are sure that both instruments will enjoy their new homes and will make beautiful music.

Speaking of things moving away…Our photo coping machine that Alfa uses as a place to rest on has left. The reason is because mummy is rearranging her office and she needs extra room. Our mummy has been very busy. She is working hard on our new website which will be launched soon. Up to date pictures are taken for the new website. I am not sure if pictures of Alfa and me will be updated for the new website. My picture is ageless and daddy looks more handsome everyday. I am his P.A. remember.

Arrivals this week included a beautiful selection of Gonzalez Reeds from Argentina, a Selmer Axos Alto Sax from France and two more instruments for stock from Japan. These include a Buffet E11 Clarinet and a Yamaha YTR4335GS Trumpet. I am sure that it wont take too long for either of these instruments to find good homes here in NZ.

I must leave you now for a little nap. Daddy has been away today to play in the ABA Solo’s and ensemble competitions. The Howick Brass Band Quintet came in second and received a silver cup. Well done Howick Brass again. I wonder if they want me as their mascot??