Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hot... Cold...Hot !

What is it with this weather? One day it’s hot, then it’s cold with heaters, then hot again. I wear my beautiful one piece black and white fur coat 24/7 in all seasons. The changes in temperature gives me problems when I sleep. Alfa you see, wants to cuddle up to me most evenings, because she thinks it is going to be cold when it really is hot. This bothers me as I hate sleeping when it is too hot. I just hope the weather settles down soon. Alfa snores too by the way…

This week has been a funny sort of week. Last weekend as you may remember, Alfa and I stayed at the Loft in Howick. This is a cat hotel where we go to when mummy and daddy go away and don’t trust us on our own in the house while they are away. The people are very friendly and the food is good. The trouble is, is that they have other cats there. I need my space and time for me to think and collect my many ideas and thoughts. Some of the older cats know who I am and show their respect. It is the younger ones that don’t. I am ZARA. QUEEN ZARA!!! The younger generation standards are lost and show no respect for those that are wise and true. Alfa did her best to teach the young ones, but….you know…well Alfa did her best !

This week we had no major sales to speak of. Many accessories went out the door to customers all over the country. Reeds, saxophone straps, tuners, and many other things have gone out and have helped budding musicians all around New Zealand. Alfa and I feel very proud to be part of making musicians happy.

A couple of instruments for stock have arrived in from Japan on Friday. They were a Yamaha YTS 62 with G 1 neck and a Yanagisawa alto sax A901ll. Both look amazing and will be ready for sale shortly. A few more tools also arrived in from the USA. Daddy is always ordering tools. He says they help make a better and more professional job for our customers. Apart from more tools, we also received many pads from Italy too. We only use the best parts for our repairs. Professional all the way!

Mummy is still working on the new website. Alfa and I have had a chance to take a quick look at it. It looks amazing and has many pictures in it. This is good for Alfa and I as our English isn’t that good and pictures tell the story to us very well. The new site should be launched soon and we will let all of my subjects know soon enough.

Well, time to relax again and collect my thoughts. Even though you can’t see me, I am always with you. On our new website there are new and better pictures of me, Mummy, Shoko, and Daddy, and I think Alfa….