Sunday, 22 May 2016

There’s no place like home…

It is funny to read what my big sis, Zara say last week…she is now old or “getting old” I should say and it is the fact that she sleeps a lot…most of a day J

Well, this week started with a beautiful sunshine in Auckland. Monday, a Yamaha trumpet YTR4335GS has found a new home in Tauranga. His father told us that the young boy is very happy with the trumpet.

Friday morning, a pre-loved Yamaha flute YFL411 has left for a new home in Auckland. A customer visited DR TOOT to purchase the flute for her daughter. She was impressed with the condition and went home with the flute J

We knew that something is happening…then, mummy told us that mummy and daddy were going away for the weekend for the Selmer Workshop…this time it was in Christchurch ! So, we had to go to the cat hotel again, Friday afternoon. Our cat hotel is called “The Loft” in Howick. Everyone is very nice and looks after us during our stay. They tried to put me and Zara together in the same room, but Zara doesn’t like that at all. So, we stayed separately…I had a very good sleep J

Sunday afternoon, mummy picked us up…but no daddy. Zara wasn’t happy (she was quite upset…) as daddy didn’t show up and no daddy at home when we got home. Daddy had to go to play a tuba with Howick Brass Band, so he came back later. Zara was soooo happy to see daddy in the evening…of course, me too !!!

We would like to thank you to all customers who came to the Selmer Workshop on behalf of DR TOOT J Mummy and daddy told us that it was cold and raining but some people turned up and they had a very good time. They were happy to see a few familiar faces too JAlso, thank you to the NZ Selmer Artist, Michael Jamieson, who played his Reference 54 alto sax and gave a talk…lots of questions and three lucky audiences won the prize.

Anyway, it’s good to be home as always J I like routine. Mummy gave Zara and I a special dinner and later gave us some biscuits. I am going to ask mummy soon for our third helping of food…..Life is good J