Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mummy got a new Office

Greetings all. Plenty of change about. Many things changing about in our house. Alfa and I don’t like change. Mummy has a new office it seems. Two new cabinets in her office and the room looks bigger. Mummy use to do her office work in the office….duhh and do the packing and shipping from daddy’s workshop. Now everything is done from mummy’s office and daddy has claimed the packing table as another work bench. We are going to need the extra room for someone else…..more later.

We are enjoying the first week of our new website. Many people have commented on it and they say its very user friendly. I don’t know what that means. Alfa I am sure is not user friendly. Please check the website out and tell us what you think. The site again is We are sure you know this already. 

Two more instruments arrived in from Japan this week. They were a Yamaha YSS475 Soprano Sax and a Yamaha YAS475 Alto Sax. They have both been serviced and are on our website. If you are looking for a great Soprano or Alto Sax, then I wouldn’t waste any time. These move pretty fast!! Almost as fast as Alfa eating breakfast or dinner J

This week at DR TOOT, I was responsible for the sale of three instruments. The first one was a Jupiter Bb trumpet that was picked up from here and the young lad really loved it. Next was a Yamaha YAS 24II Alto sax that found a new home in New Plymouth. The last one was a pre-loved student Yamaha trumpet that was sold to a school up north, so we know it will get plenty of playing. The instruments go north and south and it always make me so happy, knowing that that they will bring joy to all those that will be playing them.

Repairs this week include the usual saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, etc. servicing as well as many warranty jobs. Remember that if you buy an instrument from DR TOOT, you will receive a free Gold Service on your instrument a year after you purchased it. If you come here to deliver or pick it up, you could also receive a free purr from me. I am very generous. Maybe Alfa too.. maybe.

Time to go back to sleep. It’s been another funny week in the weather wise. Hot cold and a mixture of sun and rain. Welcome to New Zealand’s winters!!