Sunday, 31 July 2016

Gisborne's Calling !

Well, daddy’s voice is almost back…he is talking, talking, talking as usual. Mummy, Zara and I thought it was a quiet week without daddy’s talk, but it is BACK J

We were told that we are going to Loft (cat hotel) again Wednesday night, which I am not really looking forward to…No more uncle Bruce…he and his sister have moved to Nelson. So, we have to stay at Loft from now on whenever mummy and daddy are away. This time, they are going to Gisborne for attending NZ Concert Band National Festival – DR TOOT is a main sponsor this year ! They will have a stall at War Memorial Theatre, so if you are in Gisborne or attending the Festival, please visit their stall. Zara and I heard that there are some specials J

It’s a last day of July…we had a crazy busy month. Shoko and daddy worked longer hours, so repairs seem to be caught up. They will be busy again for preparing for Gisborne. Zara and I also must prepare ourselves to go and stay at Loft…we had our nails done today J

New DR TOOT’s banners have arrived – mummy designed them and they are looking FAB ! They will be on stage at the Festival.  One of the banners has a huge picture of daddy’s and Shoko’s face on it. Daddy’s one looks kind of scary I think. Zara thinks it’s pretty cool. There are three banners in total going down, so there is no mistake that DRTOOT is around. Many accessories and instruments are going down too. It’s going to be pretty interesting on how they will get everything into their car with my mummy, daddy and Shoko in there as well. To hold the accessories, we have a little white plastic bag available with a round DR TOOT label on it. It looks pretty meowish ….I like it!!!

We are keeping our paws crossed that the weather will be fine. The forecast is for cold, wet and windy weather, but here in New Zealand it has been known to have all seasons in one day, so let’s see. At the moment it’s very cold and wet and windy. A few hours ago we heard thunder which made Zara and me a little worried. I am brave so I wasn’t too scared. I like it behind the curtain J

Well, tomorrow is the start of a new month. A very special month for daddy. Daddy doesn’t want to talk about it, but he will be turning one year older. It’s a very special birthday and I can’t say anymore about it. That’s it from me. Zara is always wanting to groom me and sometimes a girl just wants a little space. There is a lot of my cat fur on the carpet to show that I didn’t always win for my little space…hmmmmmmmm JJJ