Monday, 8 August 2016

Do they really love us???

I have just got home in time to write these pearls of wisdom and thoughts….This week has been a very unusual week at  DR TOOT and for Alfa and I. The week usually starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Then the next cat takes over and shares the events of DR TOOT to the world. I have no idea how many followers Alfa has, but I am certain that she with a boy’s name, has much fewer than mine!

This was a short week for me, (Queen Zara), to share all the happenings at DR TOOT. This is because mummy, daddy and Shoko, were not here for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. Why you may ask??? This is because DR TOOT was the main sponsor for this years 2016 New Zealand Concert Band Festival. DR TOOT had a wonderful stall at the event, this year in Gisborne New Zealand. What about us???? Well daddy dropped us off at the Loft in Howick Auckland. This a Cat Hotel where we have our own rooms and room service. They are very kind to us and we are both well looked after. This year, Alfa put on her charm and everybody said how beautiful she is and how friendly she is…hahahahaha. I don’t think so. I am the special one! Anyways, we had a good time and as usual they looked after us well. This included our yearly vaccination, which usually includes a few discomforts, if you know what I mean…..

This week, although short for me, included a few nice sales. The day before the festival, I sold through mummy and daddy, a lovely Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet and my powers continued to the festival where I sold a Yamaha YAS380 Alto Sax. I am so cleaver that I can sell things when I am not even there. Oh they love me! Many many accessories too were sold at the festival and it seems that Mummy, Shoko and Daddy all had a good time there and it was great for DR TOOT.

I must sign off now as I don’t have too much news to share about what happened at the Festival, as neither Alfa nor I were invited there. Next year we will see what I can do about that. Something special is happening tomorrow, but I can’t just say because it will be Alfa’s turn to purr the news. She better not forget to say about Daddy’s….oomps….almost said it. Farewell my subjects and you all know who loves ya!!!

PS Happy to be back :)