Sunday, 14 August 2016

Happy Birthday again, Daddy…60th !!!

The week has gone so fast…as my big sis, Zara said last week, we are happy to be back at home and having  a normal routine.

Daddy’s flu got worse again, but he is getting better now…again :) He had to go out almost every night for rehearsals…Zara wasn’t impressed about that. Last night, he played a tuba with Manukau Symphony Orchestra (MSO) at Vodafone Event Center in Manukau.  Mummy and her friend went to the concert, so Zara and I both had a very quiet night.

Mummy told us that daddy played very well despite of the flu….Well done, daddy ! We are all proud of you, daddy ….who had the 60th birthday on Monday :). Yes, Shoko, mummy, Zara and I celebrated his birthday with a birthday cake together. Daddy, 60 is a big number…..well, just number !!!  Zara is not that far away from that number…..hehehe.

On Monday, we also we have received lots of pre-loved instruments from Japan. Another Yamaha flute 311, P. Mauriat alto sax PMXA67R, Yamaha tenor saxes YTS24ll and YTS380, Yamaha trumpet YTR4335G (another one) and Conn Bb/F trombone 88H – Some of them have been serviced and listed on our website :). It was a great way to start the week.

After the Concert Band Festival, the workshop got busier, and hopefully we will be receiving some more instruments for repairs from all over New Zealand. The repair shop is getting busier and daddy and Shoko seem to be very very busy.

Daddy was going to go out tonight, but Zara said to daddy NO!!, so daddy is staying home and Zara will have his lap and mummy will have her daddy, and I will have my lovely bed by the heater… and later, mummy’s lap….life is good.….meow :)))