Sunday, 28 August 2016

Feeling spring !

We had very windy days this week, but it was a beautiful day today in Auckland…feeling like spring here ! August is almost finished…means our winter has nearly ended :)

My big sis, Zara and I were told that we have to stay at Loft in Howick again for two nights. DR TOOT will be closed from this coming Friday, 2nd to Sunday, 4th September. Well, mummy and daddy feel that they need a holiday ! Oh, well…for us, everyday is sort of holiday… I am not really happy but I think I can cope with two nights :)

As Zara mentioned last week, our repair workshop has been busy with lots of instruments. Mummy’s office is getting very full of finished instruments. I am busy looking at them…..oh, I mean, supervising…make sure everything is fine :)

This week, we had some customers visit us - saw some familiar faces, ”long time no see” faces, first time customers…etc.

On Friday, two ladies visited us with a flute. In the end, they left with two flutes…meow, our pre-loved Yamaha flute 311 has found a new home in Auckland. It will be a surprise present for her daughter. She saw me in the office, she was telling mummy and daddy how cute I am, meow meow meow !!!

Another big news is that DR TOOT will be six of us ! Another qualified repair technician will be joining the Team soon from Japan. His name is Masaru and arriving here on the 10th of September. He will be staying with us for a while. We are very looking forward to it :))). He is a saxophone player and loves to repair woodwind instruments.

Time to go, I guess. The days are getting a little warmer so I don’t need the heater as much as before, but nothing will ever replace my mummy’s lap!