Sunday, 4 September 2016

Spring is in the Air!!!

Yes, my subjects, it’s here. Spring has sprung upon us and I feel good. It’s spring here in beautiful New Zealand and Fall, for you cats in the northern hemisphere. Spring brings new life, new beginnings, but the same old Alfa. Today is September 4th. The fourth day of spring. But we have only really had one full day of spring at home. Why you say??? This is because on the second day of spring, mummy and daddy went to Rotorua for a short holiday, leaving Alfa and me at the Loft, (Cat Hotel), here in Howick. I stayed in my bedding spot most of the time, but Alfa again decided to mix and mingle with the other cats. Because of who I am, I find it unnecessary to do this. That’s for commoners….such as Alfa.

This week was a short week for us, due to the holiday mummy and daddy enforced on us. The usual sales of accessories when out the door and many instruments came in for servicing. No sales of instruments to speak of, but lots of interest. As usual, Alfa will pick up on the interest I have created and bask in the sales that come from my hard work. Such is life. Mummy and daddy have just picked us up from the Loft and we have just finished dinner. It always feels funny when we come home. Alfa runs around in a crazy manner and hangs around mummy like glue. She is young and pretty insecure I think. For me, it’s eat. Check things out, rub against daddy and sleep on my black blanket that reminds me of my birth mummy.

This coming week is a busy one. We know of many repairs coming in and on Saturday a new arrival will be joining the DR TOOT Team. Alfa will explain next week. I am very excited to have another person around to share my stories with and rub against. Well I am sorry that I do not have much to say, but I know you will go crazy and sad if you don’t hear from me. I am Zara. Queen Zara. I am the one and only ZARA!!!!

BTW, Happy Father's Day, Daddy !!! We are happy to cerebrate the special day with you :)