Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another busy week started at DR TOOT !

Monday, it was not nice weather but at least it wasn’t cold anymore J It seems that we are back to normal again now. A few instruments for repairs/services have arrived, and some instruments went back to home in Upper Hutt, Tauranga, Auckland…etc.

Also, one of our pre-loved trumpets have found a new home. A gentleman came to see us and tried one of trumpets – he loved the Yamaha trumpet YTR4335G and left with it and happy face :)

We saw a few familiar faces – Gonzalez Reeds New Zealand Artist, Drew Hutchison came here to pick up his Selmer Mark Vl alto saxophone on Wednesday and the next day, Selmer NZ Artist, Michael Jamieson brought his Selmer Reference 54 for Shoko to service it.

Wednesday night, mummy and daddy went out. This unusual because at least mummy is home and daddy is often out. They were both out because daddy was giving a talk to the local Lions Club about DR TOOT. They were very friendly and mummy and daddy had dinner there. Mummy said that daddy talked for a long time, but he mentioned Zara and me so the talk must have been pretty good!!!

On Saturday, mummy and daddy woke up early and started cleaning the house. Then, they went out….went to the International Airport….yep, for picking up a new staff member from Tokyo, Japan ! They came back with him – His name is Masaru :) Daddy cannot pronounce the name properly but never mind :)

Masaru will be staying and working with us for a while. It’s good to see another male at home, especially daddy seems to be very happy about that as he was only male at home before :)

It was a gorgeous day here in Auckland today. Mummy and daddy took Masaru for a bit of sightseeing of Auckland.  I enjoyed my time with my big sis Zara……noooooo, it was boring, but I could spend time outside a little bit after they got home. So, it was fine :)

We hope that Masaru will enjoy staying with us at DR TOOT !