Sunday, 25 September 2016

Where’s my little ball gone ???

Unfortunately, the weather has been horrible…even though the Daylight Saving has started - Rain and rain all the time this week. Even my big sis Zara wouldn’t want to go outside…which means I had to share my poo box more often with her.

Masaru survived the 2nd week at DR TOOT :) He seems that he has been enjoying his life with us. Most of nights, Zara hops on his lap and sleeps…she sometimes thinks which one she goes, daddy’s lap or Masaru’s lap. For me, mummy’s lap is always the best !

Well, this week was another busy week at DR TOOT, and it seems that our repair team has almost caught up the repairs/services. The school holiday has started here in New Zealand, so please bring or send your instruments to us avoiding the rush before the last term ;)

No instruments has arrived this week, but a couple of pre-loved instruments are arriving soon - Yamaha alto sax YAS24 and Yamaha tenor horn YAH203S. A few more instruments are coming soon, such as Yamaha soprano sax YSS62S, Yanagisawa alto sax WO2 and Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with 62 neck.

What did arrive this week was more tools for the repair shop. They were leak lights for Masaru so he can see if there are any leaks in the flute and saxophones he will be repairing.

Yesterday, one of our pre-loved Yamaha trumpets found a new home in Pukekohe via Trade Me. The pro model trumpet will be leaving here tomorrow morning. We hope that the new owner will enjoy playing it – Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT :)))

Ummm, I found my little ball this week and I was so excited……BUT I lost it again….meow meow meow !