Sunday, 2 October 2016

Rain Rain Go AWAY !!!

Greetings to you all my subjects that eagerly await the news from Queen Zara. Life here is good and great because I am in it. There is more work than ever for me as there are more people for me to control and mentor. I almost have daddy under my paw, but not the others yet. Mummy is ok, but I feel still favors Alfa over me at times. I think this is because Alfa hasn’t had the same type of upbringing that I have had. Alfa’s brothers and sisters are all very different and there is a reason for this……we don’t talk about this. I am not a control freak.

Masaru has just completed his third week at DR TOOT. He has done well and because of my mentoring and assistance, he is doing well. Daddy is spending time with him on brass instruments and Shoko is helping him with a little assistance on flutes. Mummy talks to him in Japanese and English.  Daddy doesn’t always understand what they are talking about and looks a little lost sometimes…..hehehe :)

This week has been crazy busy with repairs. It’s the first week of school holidays and many instruments have come in for their TLCA ( Tender Loving Cat Assistance ). On Friday I was available to mum to help with the sale of a Yamaha YFL311 Flute. It will leave tomorrow to it’s new home in Wanaka !

On Saturday morning, a couple more instruments for stock from Japan arrived at our doorstep. They are a Yamaha YAS24 Alto Sax and a Yamaha YAH201 Silver plated Tenor Horn. They both look beautiful and will be ready for sale during this week.

The weather here is not that nice. We are into October and having a lot of spring rain. The roses outside love it, but my paws don’t. I must be careful as I can’t have a cold. So many people come here and I don’t want to give them a cold.

Today it’s raining again and Daddy, Mummy and Masaru have been chillin out and watching NETFLIX. This gives me time to sleep on Daddy’s or Masaru’s lap.

Well it’s time to go. I must rest and help Alfa over some issues she is struggling with. Be good everybody and I look forward to another caring and sharing time with you :)))