Monday, 31 October 2016

BBQ Session and New Friends

Greetings everybody from your Queen Zara J It seems like ages since I addressed you last. Last week was Alfa’s turn and I know how disappointing that can be sometimes. So here we go with news and some of my personal views of life at DR TOOT.

This week started as a holiday as it was Labour Day on Monday. Mum, Dad and Masaru relaxed and took it easy. The weather was pretty good, so daddy finally got the BBQ ready and had their first BBQ meal for the season. This is the time when daddy seems the happiest. He was outside cooking meat, kumara, (sweet potato) and stir fry vegetables. Of course he and Masaru had a beer while mummy prepared a salad. I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is all about. Alfa and I have our 2 meals a day, in the same place without any fuss! Fish in the morning and meat in the evening. Simple……Just never make them late.

It’s been a very woodwind week. Many saxophones have been on the bench for Daddy, Shoko and Masaru to do their magic on. With the end of the year performance exams coming up, many players are getting their instruments checked up and ready. What is the point in doing all that hard work and not looking after your instrument. Remember it’s team work. The week seemed go so fast as it was a short week. I personally popped in the workshop to make sure everything was running smoothly. I take pride in checking out the tools and making sure the repairs are done to the highest standard. Alfa does her bit by insuring that mummy is busy at the computer invoicing and checking that the instruments are ready and packed off to their owners. I have found Alfa on many occasions on mummy’s desk just watching or sleeping on mummy’s keyboard. Not very helpful at all.

This week I have met two friends from another country. As you know, this blog, under my watchful eyes gets viewed all around New Zealand and the world. This week I would like to give a shout (Purr), out to Woody, (Bengai Tabby), and Bailey, (Abyssinian Tabby) .  They and their servants live in America. Unfortunately they are both Tabby cats, Like Alfa but I believe, much smarter. Abyssinian  cats are known for their high intelligence, which is something Alfa has room to work on. Like to extend another warm purr to Pascha and Tasha in Canada. All four cats come from a very musical background. Welcome to our world.

This week has been a quiet week regarding any major sale, but very busy for repairs. Many instruments arriving next week, but that will be Alfa’s news. Next month is only a few days away. It’s a very special month for Birthdays. Mummy’s mine and um…..Alfa’s and Rico’s. Summer here is just around the corner with many more BBQ and events coming up. Stay cool like me and patient with other cats that are not as well bread as yourself.