Sunday, 6 November 2016

November Fever

It’s been busy at our workshop – The Team of Shoko, Masaru and Daddy were working hard. A couple of wooden clarinets had a Platinum Service (complete overhaul), a few saxophones, flutes, trumpets and a tuba came to see us for repairs and services this week.

Also, a few pre-loved instruments have arrived from Japan. Gorgeous Marcato baritone sax, Bach 42B Bb/F trombone, Yamaha trumpet YTR3325S and our best seller flute, Yamaha flute 311 J All of them have been serviced by DR TOOT Team and mummy has listed them on our website. They are looking for a new home to stay !

Speaking of new arrivals, popular saXholder is back in stock….and I made the first sale. They arrived from Switzerland on Thursday and I sold one of them yesterday to the customer, who came here to pick up his saxophone from Rotorua. He was talking to Daddy in the office and I went to check if everything is OK. I pointed out the saXholder and the customer asked Daddy what it is. Daddy explained that it is not an ordinary saxstrap….etc. The customer has been suffering from shoulder pain, so he has purchase it to try it out ! The customer said “Alfa sold it to me !” hehehehe….well done to me JJJ

Well, November has started – it will be a busy month at DR TOOT J Mummy and I will have a birthday this coming week and Zara will have one the following week….and Rico (in Heaven) will have one soon too. Speaking of birthday, Adolphe Sax was born today 202 years ago…wow !

I spent some time outside with Zara and Mummy today. Our garden looks very good with lots of roses…Mummy loves her roses and said to daddy that she would another rose for her birthday. So yesterday mummy and daddy went to a garden center and got a beautiful rose to plant. The trouble is, is that we are running out of space to plant it. Daddy had to move a small tree and replant another rose to make room!! Please no more rose’s daddy said, and mummy said ok…..but she really means ok… for now. I must admit that they all look so beautiful, almost as beautiful as me J

Well, it’s almost 5pm and my tummy is rumbling. Daddy’s tummy is making funny sounds all the time because he is on a diet. Daddy says that I am a bit chubby and that I must go on a diet….I am not happy about that. Ohhhhh…dinner is ready. Have a great week. Only 7 weeks away till Christmas. Have you got my Christmas hamper ready for me yet ??? J