Sunday, 23 October 2016

Happy Long Weekend & Happy Tooting !

It’s been very nice weather here in Auckland. Our backyard is looking good with new roses showing up :)

It was a beautiful day today …and we have got more roses at the front ! Daddy and Masaru were working together and planted 5 standing roses, which mummy selected at Roger’s this morning. My big sis, Zara and I are happy to see the lovely roses from the window.

Zara was not here during the day time on Thursday – It was soooo quiet J I did enjoy myself at home….but I was thinking of her ! “Senior” Zara had a dental treatment by Sommerville Vet. She was told that “senior” which she was not pleased about it, but it is the fact, Zara ! She is now really happy with her teeth.

Speaking of Thursday, it was Masaru’s 21st birthday !!! We cerebrate together here, and the DR TOOT Team minus me and Zara went out for a dinner on Friday. They cerebrate Masaru’s birthday and Shoko’s 2 years anniversary in NZ !

Three pre-loved instruments have arrived safely from Japan - Another Yamaha wooden clarinet YCL450, Yanagisawa alto sax AW02 (bronze) and Stomvi Elite Bb trumpet (silver plated). All of them are in top mint condition and looking fabulous just like me :)))

It was another quiet week at DR TOOT, but I can feel that it will be a busy short week coming up. Tomorrow, we will be closed due to the Labour Day – Happy long weekend and Happy Tooting, everyone !