Sunday, 9 October 2016

Verdi Requiem

Ummmm, It sounds that I always have some issues according to my big sis Zara. I do not have any issues…except one – the issue I have is that living with you, Zara !!! I have to share my bed room and poo box with her. Well, that’s life….I have to live with it :)

Masaru has survived the week 4 J We saw many saxophones for repair and service this week, and he worked on a few of them. Also, Shoko worked on a few of them and she was busy with some flutes too.

Two pre-loved saxophones arrived from Japan on Wednesday. A Yamaha soprano sax YSS62S (sexy silver like me :) which is quite rare and Yamaha latest tenor sax YTS62 with 62 neck. Shoko has serviced the YSS62S and Masaru worked on the YTS62.

One of our customers in Themes contacted us a few days ago about the YTS62 and came here to try it on Friday. He really liked it and he has left with the saxophone ! Daddy introduced us to him and his wife, so hopefully the customer is reading this blog :)

Daddy played a tuba with Bach Musica NZ – Yesterday, he was in Hamilton. Masaru joined him and he seemed to enjoy the concert "Verdi Requiem". Another concert is on at Town Hall in Auckland today. Daddy is playing right now !!!

Mummy and Masaru tidied up our drive way today – It looks nice and clean ! Many thanks to Masaru from me, for helping mummy :) Well done !

All schools will be back tomorrow – Term 4, bring it on ! The DR TOOT Team will be looking forward to seeing your instruments…I am Alfa, Princess Alfa…and mummy’s PA :)))