Sunday, 16 October 2016

It's a BLAH Week

It is not often I am lost for words. The weather has been getting me down. One moment it is raining, then sunny, then raining again with too much wind. This means that I am spending too much time indoors and indoors with Alfa. Honestly, she is driving back to the cattery. She follows me everywhere and complains to all that she cant go outside. I choose not to go outside and it does horrible things to my Hair/Fur. Summer is coming soon, but not soon enough!!!

It’s been a quiet week regarding instrument sales, but pretty busy regarding accessory sales. This week, the repair shop is looking great and gearing up for the summer repairs. Daddy, Shoko and Masaru had a meeting regarding who is doing what in the shop during the summer school repairs. I was there at the meeting  and I will be doing my best to make sure everything goes to plan. Mummy too will be very busy checking over their work and making sure there are labels and maintenance sheets with every instrument as well as invoicing everything.

Daddy and Masaru will be pretty busy this coming week as Shoko is taking a week off work and is checking out Wellington. I cant say to much about the coming week as it is really Alfa’s news….but something special is happening on Thursday.

There is a new look at the top of our driveway. Yes…a new mailbox!!!! It is black and very smart looking. Alfa, who gets excited about many things, is very excited about this. You can see by what I have said this week, that it has been a very boring week. 

One thing that isn't boring is that Daddy has cleaned the BBQ and it’s ready for another seasons cooking. I love BBQ  season, because daddy sometimes drops some food on the ground and that gives Alfa and me a bit of a treat :)

Time to go and pray that Alfa will have a more creative and more exciting week than I had!