Sunday, 27 November 2016

Four weeks till Christmas !

Greetings one and all. I trust you are all well and not suffering from fur balls. Alfa and I are having biscuits that will help remove the fur balls. In some ways, we hope they stay as we love the taste too much. The temperature is getting warmer and our fur coats are getting a little too warm for us…..hence the fur ball problem.  Anyways….enough about Alfa’s problems and back to what’s important.

This week has been a pretty busy one with a few saxophone sales. Let’s see…….how many sales did Alfa do last week???…NONE! I am a sales magnet and the public love to deal with me. Mummy has been very busy with accessories orders and started the week by packing up 13 instruments that are repaired for a school in New Plymouth. Busy mummy. As well as packing repairs and accessories, mummy has been in touch with many schools arranging the pick up and delivery dates and times for the end of the year services. While all of this is going on, Daddy, Shoko, and Masaru are busy as bees repairing instruments and gearing themselves for the school and private instrument rush. Daddy says Bring it on Baby!!!

This week in sales were as I mentioned 3 saxophones. On Wednesday we sold a Yamaha YAS 24 to a family that purchased a Yamaha YTS34 tenor sax last year. I might have been the one they greeted last year too. Then on Thursday a family purchased a Yamaha YAS 24II for their son who will get it as a Christmas present so I better not mention any names J Finally on Friday a lady came in with her son and he tried out the Yanagisawa AW02 alto sax and fell in love with the bronze beauty. The saxophone, not me! More instruments are arriving from Japan next week which I am sure Alfa will mention. There are some goodies to be found.

Daddy has been busy this week with the Manukau Symphony Orchestra. They performed a few works and the one daddy loved was Bruckner Symphony number 4. I featured a large brass part and daddy loved playing his Miraphone Bruckner Tuba in the Bruckner Symphony.

I have to go now as daddy has to play this afternoon with the Howick Brass Band. Busy busy boy our daddy. Have a PURRRRRRFECT Week !!!