Sunday, 20 November 2016


Last week, my big sis Zara said “Six weeks till Christmas !”. So that, it will be five weeks till Christmas…wow, really ??? I guess Mummy will put a X’mas tree again….hehehe, I am looking forward to knock it down J

This week, it started with a scary news – the big earthquake hit New Zealand. We were all fine here in Auckland, but some areas including Kaikora, Christchurch, and Wellington…etc. were affected. Some of our customers live in those areas and our thoughts are always with them…and cats out there !  
On Wednesday, my big sis Zara (aka Queen Zara and PA of Daddy) cerebrated her 9th birthday ! It’s equivalent to 63 year-old in human age….which means she is now older than Daddy !!! She is not happy about that….I can see lots of grey hairs showing up, Zara J Anyway, Happy Birthday again, big sis and stay cool forever !

Speaking of birthday, of course, we won’t forget tomorrow, 21st November – It is Rico’s birthday ! He would be 8 year-old. Zara and I sometimes think what he is doing up there J

Well, our repair workshop has started receiving some instruments from schools. The DR TOOT Team seems to be very busy all the time now. The instruments are ready to go back to the school in New Plymouth tomorrow. Sales wise, it was quiet and Zara showed her paws up on her small forehead (tried to do “L” at me, but it didn’t work J)…..ummmm, just be patient….I can see lots of big sales coming up soon !!!

Friday, we had a Howick famous “Midnight Madness” and Howick Brass Band played at Stockade Hill. Daddy played a tuba with them, and mummy and Masaru enjoyed the music….You know, Zara and I had to stay at home….ummmm, someday we will join them !

Daddy has been busy with rehearsals by MSO (Manukau Symphony Orchestra). They will have a concert coming Saturday.  Stay safe and Happy Tooting, everyone !!!