Sunday, 13 November 2016

Six weeks till Christmas…

Greetings to every humanoid and cat in New Zealand and the world. It always gives me great pleasure to share my news and views as I see them. I know and respect that most of you organize your very life around what I say, feel and do. It is an honour that I always try to fulfil. It’s not easy being queen Zara. I do my best!

There is so much to share with you today…where do I begin??? The Queen of sales has done it again. This week, 3 saxophones and one tuba have found homes all around NZ. Our Gonzalez Reed Artist, Drew’s student is now enjoying a beautiful Yamaha YAS 475 Alto Sax with of course Gonzalez reeds. A school has received a Yamaha YTS24II Tenor Sax and a gentleman on Friday drove up from Tauranga and bought a Yamaha YTS380 Tenor Sax. The last instrument sale was a tuba that went to a student of the APO Tuba player. Of course many, many accessories too have found new homes all around our beautiful country.

It has been a birthday week too. On Wednesday mummy had a birthday. Alfa and I made a card for her and with daddy’s help, we bought some lovely dark chocolate for her.  Later on in the morning, Norman, who plays trombone with the Howick Brass Band and is president of the band, came by and gave mummy some lovely flowers and a card. She was so happy. He played happy birthday on his trombone at the front door so everybody knows that it was mummy’s birthday J

On Friday, it was Alfa’s Birthday. I had to be kind to her all day. That was my present for her J We both did get a special breakfast and dinner so that was good J

Today daddy was away for a few hours with his tuba, because he was rehearsing with the MSO as they prepare to play a concert featuring Bruckner Symphony No.4. Daddy’s tuba is a Miraphone CC, 5 Valved “Bruckner” model tuba. Bruckner meets Bruckner…..hehehehe. Much noise, I mean music was heard yesterday as daddy was practicing for most of the day.

It’s that time of year again when we will be judged on how good we have been over the course of this year. Santa is coming and he will judge on who has been naughty or nice. I will get many gifts of course this year. Lets all hope that Alfa does better than in previous years…..ya right!