Sunday, 11 December 2016

Two weeks till Christmas…

Greetings again from the one you love the most 😊Yes, it's my turn to share my news.  

This week  been a very very busy and crazy week….even for me. Alfa and I have met many new people visiting our shop with many repairs. It must be saxophone week. Many years ago, the most popular instrument was flutes, but nowadays it seems to be saxophones of all shapes and sizes. Shoko and Masaru have been so busy with saxophones, while daddy seems pretty busy with trumpets, cornets and other brass instruments. There is a hum in the shop of busy bees working hard while Alfa and I catch up with our beauty sleep. We don’t always sleep all day….sometimes we eat !

This week, 3 instruments have arrived in from Japan for sale.  They are a Yamaha YTS475 Tenor sax, a YCL450 Clarinet and finally a Yamaha YFL411 Flute. Looks like Santa has come early at DR TOOT.  We are always excited to see new stock arrive, because we love to see the happy faces of the people when they receive their new instrument. No major sales this week, but mummy has been crazy busy filling out accessory orders which I am sure will be stoking stuffers for many boys, girls and good people too 😊

Last night, DR TOOT hosted the end of the year Howick Brass Band BBQ. Everyday this week has been lovely and the extra BBQ  arrived on Friday along with extra chairs, dishes, etc. On the day of the BBQ…..yesterday, it rained the whole day long. Daddy said that the show must go on and everybody enjoyed themselves despite of the horrible weather. It seems that mummy and daddy didn’t want to invite us and locked Alfa and I in their bedroom. 

Daddy opened the door as guests were leaving and I made a mad dash for the door and ran outside. Freedom from Alfa and the house. The guests had now all left and I had no intention in coming back soon… I made daddy and mummy wait till I wanted to come home. This was about an hour later. I hope this teaches daddy that I can not be controlled and will not be treated as a house cat……like Alfa. Daddy I think was happy to see me come in, but he didn’t smile 😈

It was a late night and I am getting ready for bed. Next time I write it will be Christmas day and Alfa and I will do a joint blog to you all. Until then, please be good and do as I say and not what I do!!!!