Sunday, 18 December 2016

Where the year has gone !???

Wow, DR TOOT’s  busiest  time has really begun…lots of phone calls, emails and customers… and instruments visited us this week !

Monday, Daddy and Masaru went to two schools to pick up lots of instruments and more instruments were dropped off from other two schools. Then, more instruments arrived from another school the next day. There are few more instruments from private customers arrived…

Then, more instruments arrived from another school on Wednesday….

We had a special delivery from Japan. A customer ordered a pre-loved Yanagisawa soprano sax from us – arrived on Tuesday and serviced by Shoko and tested by Masaru. It has gone to a new home in New Plymouth 😊The customer is very happy with the soprano sax ! If you are looking for a particular instrument, please contact us – I, Alfa can take your order and mummy will find one in your budget for you 😉

Also, a pre-loved Yamaha tenor sax YTS475 has found a new home  – It has gone to one of the schools in Auckland. We hope that many students will enjoy playing it for a long period of time !

So many things happened this week…ummm, my little brain is going crazy 😵

Friday, Masaru and daddy went to another school in Auckland to pick up more instruments and the same day, another school in Tauranga has delivered lots of instruments ! Yeahhh, you guess it – our workshop is now full of instruments 😺

Daddy is still busy with playing tuba…he had a concert with Auckland Wind Orchestra yesterday and he is going to play with Howick Brass Band tonight.

Two more saxophones are due to arrive from Japan before Christmas - Yamaha tenor sax YTS62 with 62 neck and Yamaha alto sax YAS475. If you are looking for a very good alto or tenor sax, it would be the one for you !

Last week of before Christmas – where the year has gone !??? 🙀🙀🙀