Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy Tooting for 2017 !

Zara: Happy New Year, all my subjects !

Alfa: Happy New Year, everyone ! We must apologize about the last week blog….for the first time, we didn’t do blog last Sunday…because Zara forgot !!! She is getting old, you know.

Z: It’s not fair…I am getting older, but you also forgot ! We were supposed to do the blog together. Anyway, it’s been very busy at DR TOOT. The Team has been working very hard, so they deserve a good break 😎

A: Yep, I think so. We had a relaxing Christmas and the business was open for 3 days and now having a four days off again.

Z: It will be crazy busy again…did you see so many instruments ?

A: Yes, mummy’s offices are also full of instruments and we are not allowed to stay there.

Z: I know ! Well, this year is very important to mummy and daddy as it will be the 10th Anniversary for DR TOOT !

A: Wow, the 10th

Z: And our blog will be the 8th Anniversary !

A: Wow, the 8th….

Z: You know, I started…with Rico ! Speaking of Rico, tomorrow is the day…it will be 5 years since he has gone. That means I’ve been living with you for nearly 5 years…wow !

A: Time has gone so quickly….I am survived and I will survive...Meow 🙀

Z: Good attitude, Alfa…for a house cat !😸

A: ummmmm…..Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing holiday…Happy Tooting for 2017 from the Team at DR TOOT !