Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Loft again...

If you are reading this blog on Sunday, me and my big sis Zara are still at the Loft (our cattery).
As Zara mentioned last week, Masaru, daddy and mummy went to New Plymouth for the Selmer Paris workshop this weekend. So, we had to stay at the Loft from Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. We will be picked up Monday morning…well, clever me…I organized my blog for this week (writing this on Friday) and set up automatic publishing J So, I can only tell everyone what happened to DR TOOT this week until Friday.

Wow, just one word “BUSY” – The Team, Shoko, Masaru and daddy have been experiencing crazy busy days.  Monday, instruments for services arrived from Te Amutu, Lower Hutt, Auckland…etc. Also, three pre-loved Yamaha saxophones have arrived safely from Japan.

We cerebrated Shoko’s 23rd birthday on Monday….she has been servicing lots of flutes as you can see her on our instagram !

Tuesday, I, Alfa sold instruments…not only one or two…yep, 3 J One of pre-loved saxes arrived on Monday, has found a new home in Hamilton. The customer, who purchased a flute and a clarinet before, purchased the tenor sax for her son this time – very happy customer !

Another instrument, which has found a new home was a Yamaha flute 411. The son and father from Auckland visited us before and came back again to see me….ah, the flute, hehehe…the father asked my daddy, what kind of a cat I am…yes, I am Princess Alfa JJJ Then, a Yamaha trumpet YTR4335G has left for Gisborne !

Everyday, a few instruments arrived at DR TOOT for repairs and services, including 7 saxophones from Invercargill ! The DR TOOT Team has been working hard to get all instruments done asap.

On Friday, a young lady, who contacted us by email earlier, visited us from Australia ! She came to see our pre-loved Yamaha oboe YOB421 JDR. She tried it and loved it J She has left with the oboe and big smile….ummm, another happy customer J …..well done, Alfa !!!

OK, I think it’s time to go…go to the Loft. See you next time, everyone !