Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Long weekends are wonderful

Greetings from the one you all love most…ME! It’s time again for me to tell it as it is.  This week has been an absolutely crazy one. It started off with Alfa and I being picked up from the Loft..(Cat Hotel). The service there is great and we did have a relaxing time. Too relaxing for Alfa. As you know, I am a bit reserved and generally keep to myself. Alfa on the other hand was very social and made lots of friends. She wondered around with her tail in the air giving that Tabby Swag. Honestly, it was very embarrassing. I have standards. Anyways, we were picked up at 8am and it was good to be home in our own house, bed and food. Alfa of course got heaps of cuddles from mum, as I did from daddy and Masaru.

Daddy, Shoko and Masaru have been so busy in the repair shop. Their goal was to get all the repairs for the major schools done by the end of the week. They finished by Wednesday afternoon!!!! They did it!!! This of course made for a lot of work for mummy with invoices and checking to make sure everything was done to her standards. Alfa and I were banded from the office as mummy was busy cleaning cases and Alfa’s fur was a problem. There is still plenty of work to do on other school and private instruments. It never stops.

Two instruments arrive this week from Japan. One was a lovely Yamaha XENO Trumpet and a Yamaha Bass Clarinet. The trumpet was brought in for a customer and sold in a flash. The Bass Clarinet will be serviced soon ready for sale. The usual amount of reeds and other accessories found new homes and mummy too was very busy packing up orders. Mummy was very onto it and wanted everything sorted by the end of the week. This was because she had to go back to Japan to join her brother for a service. You see, not long ago Mummy’s daddy and mummy died and there was a special ceremony for them. That was held on Sunday, so mummy fly out after midnight Friday. It was 1.15am Saturday to be sure. All of us are sad for mummy and we hope all will go well. We are also sad because daddy will be in charge and meal times may vary in time. Masaru is here to help daddy so we are all sure that we will get by. Mummy gets back this coming Friday morning….5am….so all will be good again at DR TOOT.

It’s a long weekend this weekend, so we get to see daddy more then usual. It’s been sunny and warm. Summer has at last come. For Alfa and I, every day is a long weekend. I so love time with my daddy!!!!