Sunday, 15 January 2017

Summer...where are you ?

Greetings from your favorite Cat Blogging Star 😺 It's great to be back in the blogging saddle again. I know that there are many of you that cling onto every purrrrrfect word of advise I give. 2017 has started off where 2016 left us. With no summer. I am getting very frustrated having Alfa stay inside the house with me. She is a house cat and not happy with getting a little wet. It is very warm outside, but very wet.

The instrument pile of school instruments needing to be repaired is getting down. I am so proud of Daddy, Shoko and Masaru for working so hard. Mummy is working overtime getting all the instruments checked out and invoicing like crazy. School starts in only a few weeks and there are still many instruments left to do, but everything looks on track to be done on time. We also have many private repairs that will also need the DR TOOT…TLC.

I am getting a little worried about daddy. I think the pressure is getting to him. Recently I have noticed that fur is starting to grow on his face. Yes….on his face and on Saturday, he had the shortest haircut ever. Almost bald!!! Is he going crazy? Is the shop getting to him? Does he want to look more like a cat? At one stage I thought he was going to eat some cat food. Maybe I am wrong. But I am worried. I will try and get a picture of daddy and me in a few weeks and you can be the judge. Am I wrong????

Alfa told me that she heard mummy talk to the cattery where we sometimes stay. I don’t always listen or believe Alfa but she sounded very convincing. There is a Saxophone Summer School happening in New Plymouth starting this Friday till Sunday. DR TOOT is a sponsor and I think they might go down. Does Alfa know something other than when its dinner time? 🙀Watch this space!!!