Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mummy’s Back !!!

It’s been hot and nice weather here in Auckland ! Lots of instruments for repairs/services are still arriving from everywhere in New Zealand this week and the DR TOOT Team minus mummy has been very very busy.

Well, mummy arrived back from Japan early morning on Friday – Daddy picked her up from the airport. We were happy to see her again at home…especially me, of course J She had to work and it’s good see her in office. She did lots of invoicing and packing instruments and accessories.

Even without mummy, I, Alfa made a sale….hehehe. Our pre-loved Yamaha alto saxophone YAS475 has found a new home in Auckland. The customer phoned up and talked to daddy. She purchased it online and came here to collect it. Mother and son are very happy with the saxophone and they told daddy that they would recommend us to everyone who plays saxophone JJJ

Well, our saxophones seem to come and go – three Yamaha saxes are arriving here soon, but it sounds that they are already sold as we had a few inquiries from customers….ummmm, let's see.

I’ve been spending more time with my friend, leash J Yep, I am outside and relaxing nowadays, because soooo hot and daddy wants to open up all doors and windows. I go to under the shade and looking at the blue sky, trees, flowers….and birds J

My big sis, Zara has been kind to me….keeps eye on me while I am outside. Thanks, Zara ! Anyway, mummy’s back….she will take more photos of instruments and the Team…and Zara and me, of course J