Sunday, 19 February 2017

Almost done…No….!!!

Well, my big sis Zara said last week that the DR TOOT Team had almost finished servicing all schools’ instruments. Yes, we have finished all of them………and now we are expecting some more instruments from schools arriving soon - Schools in Auckland, Tauranga and Hastings…Wow !

As well as schools’ instruments, lots of instruments from private customers arrived in from everywhere New Zealand. Then, some instruments have gone back to their home including some saxophones to school in Invercargill 😸

This week, a few pre-loved instruments arrived safely from Japan – six alto saxophones, one tenor sax and a flugelhorn.  Three of alto saxes have already gone to new home which is Howick School of Music. Zara and I are pretty sure that their students are so lucky to learn with such newish Yamaha saxophones ! Other instruments will be ready for sale and listed on our website very soon πŸ˜ƒ

I am Alfa…sold not only three saxophones this week, but also a Yamaha trombone ! She has found a new home in Dunedin πŸ‘ Hopefully she has a wonderful life down there !πŸ˜„

We had lots of rain in Auckland this week. Today, it cleared up and nice weather again. I spent some time outside with leash….chilled out 😎 Life can be hectic…needs to relax - no fighting with Zara !!!

Another crazy busy week is waiting for us…Calm down and Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT !