Sunday, 26 February 2017

It’s been a funny old week…

Greetings everybody again from the one you love and cherish the most….Queen Zara 😊

Yes, it’s my turn again to care and share. Looks like summer has come late, but it at least has come. Warm days and nights fill my time between eating, greeting and sleeping.  Alfa doesn’t sleep as long as I do, but she sure eats more than I do!!! 

Mummy and daddy went wild last weekend and bought alot of cat food for us. This usually is because of one or two reasons. Firstly because it was on special, which is usually the way, or because they are planning to go away and need these for future supplies. Maybe both. We have been very happy to see the boxes of cat food at eye level…mmmmmm

Under my watch, we sold a Yamaha beautiful Tenor sax that had recently arrived in from Japan. The gentleman that purchased it, is a very famous photographer, so we know that he does appreciate beauty when he sees it. I too am a beautiful piece of beauty. Many accessories hace arrived in from Japan including  a beautiful Stomvi Elite Flugel Horn and a Yamaha YAS380 Alto Sax. This means that we have in stock a Yamaha YAS280, YAS380 and YAS480 Alto Saxophone in stock and looking for new homes. Bring it on….they won’t last long here….

Do you remember how I felt when Rico died 5 years ago? I was so sad and felt so empty. I cried and cried so much. Well, daddy had a loss too. His little brother died suddenly last week and daddy too was very sad. I understand how he feels. Mummy has been really kind and thoughtful and many people have come around to give him comfort. I too have been giving him many rubs against his legs and hopped on his lap to comfort him. When something like this happens, you want to do all you can to make someone you love feel better.

On a happier note, Alfa and I have been outside so much because of the beautiful weather. It’s nice to see Alfa feeling like she is free….even though she is on a leash. We do love each other, it’s just that she is so much the younger generation and everything seems to be about Alfa.  I better stop before I say something unkind. Have a great week everybody. The long range weather look out looks FANTASTIC!!!!!  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘