Sunday, 12 February 2017

Almost done !!!

Yes, everybody…’s almost done. All those school instruments are done and we have just a few from a Saturday music school in Invercargil to complete. This has been the busiest summer that we have had in our 10 years of repairing and sales. Alfa and I can finally walk down our hallway and not bump into trumpets, clarinets, saxophones…etc. Our house is ours again….until next time 👍

Well, mummy has been back for just over a week now and it’s great to see order and routine again in the house of TOOT. When mummy was gone, we had our routine changed a little. Meals were always on time…Alfa made sure of that and life was good. One thing that seems to be more normal now is Alfa spending a lot of time outdoors. Yes, she is on her leash all the time as she cant be trusted to wonder. I guess it is nice to see her about. She seems to like the grass and weeds that grow from next door. She always seems to be eating them. She says that she is helping with the gardening, but I think that she just love to eat…anything!

Apart from all the repairs, and there have been many, there also have been many accessories sold. The courier comes at least twice a day to pick up goodies to sent all around the country. This is exciting for them and I am sure that the cats who have staff that play musical instruments are happy too. Alfa and I, when we can,  like to rub up next to the wrapped parcels. This gives them a personal touch and the cats around NZ sense our being 😸 It’s a special thing that cats know…. 😃

Speaking of sales, under my watch, a custom came in on Friday and purchased a Yamaha Piccolo Trumpet from us. He is a professional musician and will be playing it in the production of Joseph which will be touring all around NZ. Have a listen to the trumpet….it could be the piccolo trumpet you hear. Many saxophones and other types of instruments will be arriving soon. This is great, because we have had such a huge demand for pre- loved saxophones. As well as the saxophones, we have a Flugel Horn and sousaphone coming. More on that later.

It's time to go now. Alfa has just done a naughty. She climbed up the fence and was thinking of jumping over. When daddy tried to bring her down, she hissed at him. Naughty Alfa!!!! Naughty Alfa….hehehehe 😸