Sunday, 30 April 2017

Time flies…really !!!

Since mummy and daddy have come back from Europe, it’s been crazy busy here at DR TOOT ! 

Lots of instruments have arrived from all over New Zealand.  Thank you for all customers who visited us or sent your instruments to us by couriers this week ! My big sis Zara and I are happy to see customers come in or courier drivers drop off instruments – very crashed flugelhorn from Whanganui, soprano sax from Whangarei, flutes from Hamilton, some instruments from Tauranga, New Plymouth, Hastings…etc.

Sadly it was  Shoko’s last day on Friday…we all had to say “good bye” to her. DR TOOT Team went to a restaurant to have a farewell dinner with her. Zara and I couldn’t join the dinner but mummy, daddy and Masaru had a very good time with her. All the best and take care, Shoko !!! 

Well, I must report that one of our trumpets, Yamaha trumpet has found a new home in Whanganui via Trade Me πŸ˜Š Another satisfied customer has left a kind feedback...Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT...especially from me, Alfa πŸ™€

A couple of new products have arrived from Switzerland ! They are Defector for saxophones and Silencer for saxophones and clarinets, which mummy and daddy saw them in Frankfurt. Mummy will list them on our website soon ! And...more new products are coming to DR TOOT ! Ummm....I cannot tell yet but it will be soon !?

It's been still warm in Auckland...a bit unusual for this time of a year, but we don't complain πŸ˜‰ DR TOOT Duo, daddy and Masaru will be busy for a while to get all instruments done ! In the meantime it's up to  Zara and I to keep everything calm, focused and on track. All of which takes so much energy and I must....sleeeeeeeeeeeep....πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€