Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cooler mornings and nights

Yes my subjects, the seasons are a changing.  Leaves on the pathway, mice harder to find and Alfa getting too close to me when it’s cooler inside. I still have my beautiful black and white coat to keep me warm so I am ok.  I have noticed Alfa eating more, if that is possible and telling me that it is because she needs to build up her baby fat to keep her warm. I reminder her that she does the same for summer…and she didn’t reply.😋

No new sales this week, but we did receive a couple of huge boxes from Paris France. In one box there was a Selmer Paris Baritone Sax case. In the other box was a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS Selmer Paris Baritone Sax!!!! This was an order for our very own Michael  Jamieson, Selmer Paris Artist for New Zealand. We contacted him as soon as it arrived and he told daddy that he would come the next day. He couldn’t wait. Later that evening, he turned up to pick up his big baby. He was so happy and Alfa and I were very happy for him. 😊😊😊

Many repairs have come in and out at DR TOOT. Daddy and Maseru have been busy. Masaru doing many many saxophones and daddy doing brass instruments and some flutes. Mummy is still catching up with back orders and invoicing. Alfa I think gets in mummy’s way. Mummy is trying to invoice using the computer and Alfa sits on or too near the keyboard. She just wants to be noticed. I never need to try to be noticed. Everyone knows who I am and how important I am.😼

I haven’t seen too much of daddy this week. On Thursday afternoon, Daddy went to a rehearsal and then played with the university orchestra. Thy did an amazing concert in the Auckland Town Hall to a full house. Daddy mentioned that the students are getting younger all the time. I think it’s daddy getting older. Please don’t tell him I said that. On Friday, daddy was gone most of the day as his older daughter was graduating and marching on Queen St. Daddy was so proud and had lunch with her and was out for most of the day. You see, I have to share daddy with human daughters as well as cat daughters. Life can be complicated at times.

Time to go now in my uncomplicated way. Mummy and daddy are off shortly to a wedding reception for a friend who conducts the local brass band. More time away from daddy. Oh well, I guess you just take what and when you can. By the way… you like my little house I made for myself???🙀