Sunday, 14 May 2017

Happy Mother’s Day 2017 !

It was a beautiful autumn day today and I enjoyed myself outside while mummy and daddy were doing house work. It’s a Mother’s day in the human world…so, my big sis Zara and I gave our mummy to big hugs and kisses…thank you, mummy JJJ I think daddy will be cooking for her tonight !

One thing, I must tell our customers…we are experiencing that not receiving all emails - Some of them have reached us and some of them haven’t. So, if you sent any emails to us recently and haven’t heard from our mummy, please resend it to this email address: Daddy and mummy always say “communication is very important” and they always try to contact our customers asap. Zara and I apologies for the incontinence.

This week, a vintage Selmer trombone has found a new home in Auckland. A young muso who plays a trombone has fallen love with the trombone and went home with happy face J We had lots of customers come through this week, and a few of them saw me and commented to mummy and daddy that how beautiful I am…..hehehehe, thanks, customers J

New stock is arriving shortly from Japan…three pre-loved instruments would be here. One Yamaha alto sax YAS380 and two clarinets Yamaha Custom clarinet and Buffet E13. Then, something new will be arriving from Japan…ummmm J

Well, it is getting cooler definitely. I can feel winter is just around corner…especially evenings. I hope that Zara enjoys my company JJJ