Sunday, 21 May 2017

I love my warm blanket....

t’s such a lovely day today. The sky is clear, the days are cool at start and warm during the day. I have this lovely black cushion that reminds me of my birth mummy. Its warm and furry and I love it 😊. I think its really important to have a little space that is special. What do you think? Alfa has the bed on the floor with a light brown blanket. She loves it. Its her special place. I think we all have a special place to go to when we are happy or sad….

It’s been a bit of a clarinet week this week. Earlier this week a B&H Clarinet that we had on special has found a home up north. This was part of a 10 year anniversary special that DR TOOT is having and I am happy that it is going to a happy home up north. 

Today a Buffet E13 clarinet found a new home here in Auckland. The young girl has been only playing for one year and now is the proud owner of this beautiful clarinet. This clarinet and two other instruments arrived in from Japan earlier this week. The other two were a Yamaha Custom clarinet and a mint condition Yamaha YAS380 Alto Sax. Also arriving from Japan was our first shipment of Forestone synthetic reeds. These reeds are an amazing hit all around the world and we are so lucky to have them here in Auckland through DR TOOT!!!! 

Next week, Alfa will have more news regarding DR TOOT.

This week I met a very nice boy named Oliver. His mother drove up with him from Tauranga to drop off a flute for a GOLD SERVICE. Oliver came here and gave me a lovely stroke and said how beautiful I looked. I know that I am beautiful, kind, sensitive, and wise, but it is always nice to hear these things.

Well it’s time to curl up again back onto my pillow and get some sleep before dinner time. Keep well everybody, and know that I am here to make sure everything is fine. Be kind and humble like me 😎😺😺