Sunday, 28 May 2017

Too much Power in her head…

It was a warm day today for autumn. I spent some times outside with leash (my friend)…and my big sis Zara ! She was sleeping most of day though…in fact, she sleeps most of day everyday nowadays…must be her age J

Daddy played a tuba with Auckland Wind Orchestra today and mummy was busy all day with house work. As Masaru has left us yesterday and started flatting (he has found a new place just a few minutes away !), mummy was busying with tidying up for a new person….Yes, someone is arriving coming Saturday….Zara will tell you the details J

I must say that this week was a little quiet at DR TOOT. No sales, but lots of new items have arrived ! One of them was a brand new Forestone alto sax ! It was checked over and tested by Masaru and mummy took photos and video – please check it out on our website.

Also, a pre-loved Yamaha trombone YSL456G has arrived as well as two new saxophones cases from Jakob Winter in Germany. They are very light and stylish flight cases…mummy will list them on our website soon ! Another box from them should be arriving soon, which has got a baritone sax case and saxophone gig bags. The saxophone and instrument cases, are all things mummy and daddy say when they were in Frankfurt. It’s so nice to see them arrive here at DR TOOT.

Although it has been very quiet with sales, it has given Masaru and daddy a chance to clean and tidy up the workshop. Daddy picked up 4 mobile drawers that have many drawers to put our pads and other repair stock into.  I don’t think I have ever seen the workshop look so clean and organized!!! Mind you, I am not allowed in the shop, but I do have a little journey inside....sometimes JJJ

Zara is getting very excited about next weekend. It’s Queens Birthday next weekend and she thinks it is all about her. I tell you now. Its all about the other Queen, but Zara doesn’t understand. She has told Masaru that he can have that Monday off work. I mean REALLY??? Sometimes I think she goes a little too far….like daddy J