Sunday, 30 July 2017

Busy busy girl...

Greetings cats and humanoids. Yes, I have been a busy busy girl. So much going on in my busy life over such a short time. Where do I begin???

It has been a very big week for sales and repairs. Masaru has been working on a repair for a Yanagisawa Tenor Sax. This was a major job featuring a complete repadding on all keys, replacing new parts, and straightening out bent keys, body etc. Masaru did his magic touch and the saxophone will leave tomorrow morning to its owner. Well done Masaru! Masaru too worked on another tenor sax. This time it was a Yamaha sax that had been dropped and too required new parts from Japan and straightening work on the body,,,the saxophone body, not Masaru’s .

On the other side of the shop, Taka has been working on saxophones, flutes and clarinets. Taka repadded a Buffet RC Bb Clarinet that arrived this week for stock from Japan. A Yanagisawa 902 (Bronze) Alto Sax too arrive for stock and Taka regulated and cleaned that one for sale. Taka is also working on some flutes and a 1960 Selmer Paris MKVI Tenor Saxophone that belongs to a gentleman that is a Selmer Artist from Wellington. Very busy boys. Oh yes…Daddy too is busy on Trombones, trumpets, tubas and generally busy looking busy.

Now about sales. This week a Yamaha YCL350 Clarinet has found a new home here in Auckland. A wonderful way to start the week! Then later in the week a school we deal a lot with, bought a YAS23 Alto Sax. Last but not least a lady came in with a very damaged flute that would have cost more to fix than it was worth. They went to see what we have in stock and picked up a beautiful newish Jupiter flute. I met them and they seemed really nice people and I know they will love the flute.
Been a very busy week for mummy and daddy too. Yesterday, the AYSB celebrated its 50th anniversary. DR TOOT donated a HUGE Carrot cake and daddy, Masaru and Taka played with the band. Daddy was very emotional as he first joined the band in 1974 and yesterday was his last playing engagement with them. He told us today that he really enjoyed catching up with old friends. 

Mummy has been very busy organizing for the NZCBA Festival. Alfa, if she remembers will talk about that next week. All I can say is that Alfa and I will be guests again at the Loft (Cattery). Wish us well….. 😺😼😽