Sunday, 6 August 2017

At the Loft again...

Wow, what a week....for me and Zara, it was the "Loft" week 😎 Zara wasn't happy at all but I did enjoy staying at the Loft ! I met lots of other one, ginger one, fluffy one....etc. The funny thing was that a new staff member at the Loft kept calling me "he"....ummmm, I know I've got a boy's name....but I am Princess Alfa 😊 Staff members at Loft and Summervelle vet are always nice ! But honestly home is the best the best !!! So, I am so happy to be baaaaaacccck !!!

Because the DR TOOT Team went to Whangarei to have a stall at the NZCBA Concert Bands Festival, we were at the Loft. Yes, daddy, Masaru, Taka and mummy all went to Whangarei. They left very early morning on Wednesday and came back Saturday night.

This week started with lot of repairs....also sales πŸ˜ΊπŸ™€ Monday, our Buffet R13 clarinet has found a new home in Dunedin....yes, another clarinet has gone down to the South 😎 Tuesday, the Altus flute also has found a new home in Lower Hutt. We hope that the both new owners are enjoy playing the instruments !

On Wednesday, just before the festival, a Yamaha YFL211S Flute, and a Yamaha CX Custom Clarinet arrived from Japan for our stock. During the festival, Masaru did a complete overhaul on it at the flute and clarinet are ready and looking for new homes.

Daddy went to a rehearsal of Manukau Symphony Orchestra this afternoon and he picked us up on the way back home. When we got home, mummy was busy with unpacking all accessories which they took to the Festival. They told us that they had a very good time in Whangarei and brought back some instruments for the repairs and services. It sounds that another very busy week ahead of the DR TOOT Team 😽

Well, we would like to thank you all customers who visited DR TOOT's stall at the Festival. The Team saw lots of people and our existing customers.

Me and Zara are so happy to eat and sleep at home again !

PS: That's me in mummy's office just before taken to Loft !