Sunday, 16 July 2017

School Holidays for some…

Greetings everybody from the cat you love the most. Me Queen Zara. It’s a beautiful day today as it has been all weekend. This week really felt like winter, with cold days and nights. All heaters were on and Alfa never left the heater alone. Her paws and head were under the heater and I think it has cooked her brains. She has been acting stranger than usual and I am a bit concerned….only a bit.

Well, the cold weather hasn’t stopped people coming around and dropping off their repairs to DR TOOT. Many saxophones, clarinets, flutes etc., with owners has come this way and I am always there to greet them. Alfa sleeps, eats and snuggles up to either mummy or the heater. Many accessories have gone out and the courier is here often to pick up and deliver. One of the items sold was a Yamaha Bb/F Trombone that will be picked up from here on Tuesday as the player lives here in Auckland. He came here a few weeks ago and has now decided that this is the trombone for him. Thank you very much and I look forward in seeing him on Tuesday when he picks it up.

The courier has been here too dropping off instruments and on Thursday afternoon, some instruments from Japan arrived for stock. They were a Yamaha 200 and 300 Series trumpets and a lovely Yanagisawa Tenor Sax. All instruments will have their service done by the end of Monday and will be ready to find new homes. So exciting!!!!

Daddy is on a diet……again but this time he recons that he will stick with it. He told me privately that he was scared to see himself in a mirror while he was shopping and decided that he must do something about it. Lets see… Mummy spent sometime outside yesterday pruning the roses. This is good for me as the thorns hurt my gorgeous body as I walk by them. Alfa, on a leash of course watched from outside and kept her distance from the work. I was catching up on my beauty sleep.

Masaru and Taka are still very busy in the shop. Many instruments from the school holidays are in and all must be completed by Friday this week. With the strong Toot Trio Team, there will be no problem. Time again to sign off and bid you farewell until next time we meet. Thank you in advance for your warm kind wishes for me. I know you love me 😺😸