Sunday, 20 August 2017


Yes, it was a title of the concert by Manukau Symphony Orchestra last night…daddy played a tuba J Of course, we could not go to see daddy as usual…but mummy went and she told us that daddy played very well in Symphony No 5 in E minor by Tchaikovsky – Good job, Well done, daddy !!!

Busy daddy…this week he was out most of nights even tonight, he is not here with us ! He is playing a tuba with Howick Brass Band.  Zara is not impressed, you know !

The Team minus Masaru (on leave and we guess he is enjoying the summer in Japan J) was busy with lots of repairs this week. The special ordered pads arrived safely from Italy for NZ Selmer Artist, Lucien Johnson’s Selmer Mark Vl tenor sax. You won’t believe that there are so many different kinds of pads. These leather pads are especially for the Mark Vl with metal resonators…that’s what mummy told me J Taka serviced and tested the Mark Vl and it is ready to go back home in Wellington on Monday !

Taka also serviced and tested another top professional tenor sax, Selmer Reference 54 which is for sale…Yes, this saxophone is looking for a new home to stay J If someone is looking for a top professional tenor sax, please let the person knows !!!

Also, two pre-loved instruments arrived safely from Japan – Yamaha Single F French Horn which has gone to one of schools in Auckland, and Yamaha alto sax YAS475 which was serviced and tested by Taka and has already found a new home !

On Friday, three ladies visited DR TOOT and wanted to purchase an alto sax for hobby. They ended up to have left with two saxes, YAS475 (as mentioned earlier) and YAS380 JJJ Yes, I am Princess Alfa and greeted the ladies and they were happy to see me J

We had heavy rain and thunder here in Auckland yesterday…it’s better weather today and we see already lots of flowers in our backyard…Spring is just around corner !