Sunday, 27 August 2017

Spring is in the AIR!!!

It’s only days away from spring. This week has been so beautiful. I have been out and about visiting my local subjects and and checking out my land called Howick New Zealand.  I can’t  get around all of Howick, but the houses that are close to mine will do. It’s sad to see Alfa stuck indoors, and not able to get out. Her idea of getting out is rolling around on the mat just outside our front door. So sad. I can go anytime I please but with Alfa I think it’s a maturity thing. I am worldly wise….

Sales happened as usual under my watch. You see, it’s not how many sales that happen during a week that matters, it’s how many sales under my watchful eyes is what matters. Knowing that they have come to buy when it is my watch and wait till I say it’s ok. Many humanoids wait till it is my turn to speak and be present when it all happens. This week a beautiful 300 series Yamaha trumpet found a new home in Dunedin and on Friday, and gorgeous Selmer Paris pre loved Reference 54 Tenor Sax found a home here in Auckland. Everyone of course is very happy.😊

Spring as you may know springs into action this coming Friday. The flowers and roses will start coming out and the days will get warmer and longer. I love spring. It makes me feel young again. Very happy and loved. This week has been so much better than last week because my daddy has been home more. As Alfa mentioned last week, daddy was out every night with orchestra and other musical things. I was not happy at all. This week he said sorry to me and I slept on his lap many times to offer him love and stability.

This week 2 instruments arrived in from Japan. One was a Yamaha YAS275 Alto Sax and the other was a vintage Conn silver plated, Naked Lady, 10M, Tenor Sax. Both of these will be for sale, although I think the Yamaha YAS275 might have already found a new home. Alfa will no doubt  have something to say on this next week. We also this week, received another shipment of our world famous Gonzalez Reeds from Argentina. Like me, everything….or most things at DR TOOT are world famous. 

Time to rest my head and prepare for a new week. I am always working…..