Sunday, 13 August 2017

Daddy has his day…and I have mine…

Another positive week for Zara and DR TOOT. I was responsible for 4 sales this week. I hate to brag as it is not in my nature, but I did it again!!! Four instruments have found new homes. 

On Monday, a Yamaha Custom Clarinet has found a new home in Wellington. A lovely lady tried it out at the NZCBA Festival last weekend and decided on Monday that she would take it. Alfa says that it is her sale as the lady saw it on Alfa’s watch, but she decided to take it when I was in charge. On Monday also, a Yamaha flute has found a new home with a school in Hastings. Wait, there is more! On Wednesday, a gentleman in Otago loved the look of the Yanagisawa soprano we had and traded his instrument for the soprano. Very happy man. On Friday. A school in Auckland were able to fulfill their wish list and get a BBb Tuba from DR TOOT. I am always so happy to make others happy. I am the wish Queen. Granting all good musicians the right instrument they desire😊

That was the week of sales by yours truly. On Tuesdays it was my daddy’s birthday. Daddy may be getting older, but he looks younger everyday. Well I have to say that or he will get sad. And I cant have that! Masaru and Taka gave daddy a beautiful bottle of single malt whisky and a new tool box. Alfa and I are organising a dinner out with daddy and mummy and mummy took daddy out for a very french breakfast this morning. OOOO LALA!!!!

It hasn’t been all nice for daddy this week. On Thursday, daddy went in for surgery to remove some moles and things from his body. He had 4 things from his back, three from his legs and a large thing from his neck. Poor daddy. I want to cuddle him, but the doctor said no because daddy must not have any infection. I can understand Alfa staying away, but I am always clean.😼

Daddy has been out yesterday and today, rehearsing with the Manakau Symphony Orchestra. They have a concert next Saturday and there is a very exciting tuba part to be played. Daddy always seems well enough to perform his tuba but seems not well enough to do housework. Hmmmmmm, very interesting. 

Well time to go as I want to read my blog again and relish in on how well I did and what a cleaver cat I am…😸🙀😺