Sunday, 3 September 2017

La Primavera

Si’, it’s spring here in New Zealand, and it was a Father’s Day today. Daddy had a relaxing day…he was still cleaning and tidying up the workshop though J

Zara and I forgot to give a birthday card to him last month, so we had to remember this time…We asked mummy to arrange a Father’s Day card for him. She made an awesome card for him from us….yeah, very goooooood JJJ

Well, this week again…lots of things happened at DR TOOT. Sales wise, two saxophones have found a new home – one of them was the Yamaha alto sax YAS275. A customer in Auckland contacted our mummy a few weeks ago, and our mummy found one for the customer. She and her daughter visited us on Tuesday and they were happy with the saxophone J

Another Yamaha alto sax YAS380 was also an order by another lady in South Waikato. It was for her son. The saxophone arrived from Japan on Thursday - it was serviced by Taka and left here on Friday.
On Thursday, Masaru came back to work – Zara was really happy to see him…and of course, me 2 J Then, we received a very exciting news the next day. His work visa was granted…..for 3 years !!! We all were soooo happy to hear the news…Especially Zara was JJJ

More instruments will be arriving this coming week – Yanagisawa alto sax A880 with gold plated underslung neck, Selmer Prologue wooden clarinet, Yamaha trumpet YTR4325G and Jupiter flute. If you are looking for a particular instrument, contact my mummy – she will try her best to find one for you !

Another busy week is ahead of the DR TOOT Team – Masaru has been restoring a SML wooden clarinet (big job) and also Taka has been restoring a Conn 10M Naked Lady tenor sax (big job). Daddy will be busy with a bunch of brass instruments (warranty full service) which arrived this afternoon.

Happy Father’s Day to our daddy, DR TOOT !!!