Sunday, 24 September 2017

Am I getting old ?

I enjoy my sleep.  It’s not easy being in charge of an empire such as DR TOOT. Many repairs have come and gone this week. Taka and Masaru have been so busy. Daddy has been looking busy if you know what I mean…. Daddy like me isn’t getting any younger. Please don’t tell him I said this 😸. What the boys don’t see is the hard work daddy does behind the scenes.   Daddy gets up early and prepares the workshop and instruments to be done. I am very proud of my daddy and together we are doing what we love. Daddy working on repairs and me working on daddy. Mummy  too works so hard early in the morning till late at night. Alfa looks after mum the best she can. Alfa spends a lot of time chasing after a light reflection of daddy’s camera. So young and so Alfa!!!

Four instruments arrived in from Japan this week. Two clarinets, one Bass Clarinet and one flute. As fast as an  Alfa eating biscuits, our Bass Clarinet has already found a home within 24 hours after arriving to DR TOOT. The gentleman plays for the Doctors Orchestra and placed an order, just a few weeks ago. This coming week Alfa will share news about other Imports due in Alfa always gets the good news. Daddy delivered 7 instruments to a school in Auckland. This school had amazing art work displayed in a hall and daddy was very impressed, The school was an Intermediate School with a great music department. So good to see such talent in schools.

Yesterday was Election Day in NZ. This is a day that New Zealanders vote for a leader for their country. Everybody knows that I am the leader here at DR TOOT 🙀…..and NOT Alfa. Elections here are not necessary. Today is the first day of Daylight Savings. This means that we get more sunny and longer days. This also signals the sign of BBQs and late nights out. Daddy has been out for most of the day playing with the Howick Brass Band at the ABA Competitions. They came in first for the Hymn and March Divisions and Third overall. Well done Howick Brass!!!!!!

Time to sign off. I have had so little time with daddy and its time to sit on his lap. Remember age is just a number. Sometimes a big number…😸